Want to join the fanlisting?  Sure thing!  However, first please read these rules and make sure that you understand them before you submit a joining form.  Thanks so much!

1. Well, first off, you must be a fan of the talented Gregory Proops!

2. Hotlinking is strictly prohibited.  Please save any codes you might use to your own sever - it'd be much appreciated!

3. Websites are not required. However, your email address must be valid.

4. If you use a code (which, if you post a website, you should) you need to please link back to us at http://www.greg-proops.net/fan/.

5. When filling out a join or update form, please fill out all areas correctly.  Also, in the name section, put your first name and not a nickname. For example, do not put something like Gregfan1 or cutesie002.